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Pregnancy Journal – 5 Fun Things To Journal In Your Pregnancy Journal!

Why Pregnancy journal? While my daughter’s first-year milestone is approaching, I wanted to look back at my pregnancy memories. Well, I am glad I had a pregnancy journal to remind me of some of the things that I almost forgot like the way we announced our pregnancy. It is always fun to write down things to commemorate later.

Why Journal?

Pregnancy is a major milestone in a woman’s life. And the experience associated with it is unique in its own way. Keeping a Pregnancy journal helps you to relive those moments. It also is a stress reliever and helps you to be more organized and stay ahead in your pregnancy. You can also do a DIY journal or also buy one here that is amazing.

What can go in Pregnancy Journal?

  1. Thoughts for baby- Logging in your thoughts for a baby can be an important step in developing attachment towards your unborn child. Write down your wishes, what you think of the transition to motherhood, and all the small details that you can think of. This log can also help to reinforce the bond later.
  2. Fears- A lot of women worry and stress about pregnancy discomfort. Writing it down helps in easing out the fears and thoughts.
  3. Your changing body- Charting your and baby’s development helps you to keep a tab on the events and be well organized. Noting down small experiences like eating at wee hours, cravings like & dislikes all add fun to your journal.
  4. The firsts- Recording the first heartbeat, ultrasound, kicks are all very precious and exciting. Noting down the experience creates your own sweet memories to look back & enjoy.
  5. Impromptu moments- Capturing those small moments of doctor’s visit, an announcement to family, picking the name, revealing gender are all great for a journal and to celebrate later.

Writing a Journal is a fun activity. And for me, it was a great distraction from all the discomfort & negative thoughts. It makes me smile every time I read it. If you are expecting, you should definitely try & save some memories by writing it down. It helps you relax during your pregnancy & enjoy your pregnancy days.


pregnancy journal

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