Positive Birthing Experience

A Quick Birth Story of Mivaan (Positive second pregnancy experience)

The Pregnancy

Being a second time mom, this pregnancy has been an amazing adventurous journey for us right from the day we got to know. Juggling with a 10month old baby who was breastfeeding and an unplanned pregnancy made my first trimester very difficult. And the added craziness of the pandemic made it more stressful. But the best part was being with family for most of the first trimester & getting help during my morning sickness.

Though it started with so many uncertainties, this pregnancy was very different from my first one with no Gestational diabetes, no fatigue, or nausea for long & it has also been a healthy one. With all the differences, the entire pregnancy flew by managing a toddler & preparing my daughter for a new baby. I wanted to do a home birth this time around. Mostly because we did not have child care for Miraya & she was too small to be away from us overnight. But my husband wasn’t comfortable with the home birth plan. Glad we decided to get some help & called parents over.

The Labor

My Due date was Oct 10, 2020. But I was asked to be ready anytime after Sept 20 since my first child was born 17 days early.

Sept 22, 2020, onwards, I experienced mild to medium contractions which were irregular. On 23rd Sept which was my 37th-week appointment, we were told the baby’s head was pretty low & these might be early labor contractions. Kept my hospital bag ready & tried everything to distract myself from thinking about having a baby early.

Exactly after a week full of these false contractions, I went into active labor directly on Sept 30th. It was a normal day, having had my lunch at around 1 pm after feeding my toddler, I sat down to play with her. At around 2.30 pm, there was a weird pain accompanied by a lot of pressure on my lower back. Immediately paged my midwife and started tracking the contractions. She said I sounded normal & these might be false pain. However, she came home at around 3.30 pm to check-in & the look on her face scared us. She said I’m 7cm dilated and if wished can have the baby at home (My midwife did mention that she almost decided not to come since I was sounding ok on phone! Wow, it would have been a heck of an adventure hadn’t she come on time 😆).

The word 7cms completely freaked my husband out & we immediately started to the nearest hospital. Reached the hospital at 4.20 pm and was directly sent to the labor ward. My contractions were intense & I was unable to manage. Epidural took time as they had to do a lot of admission procedures. At around, 5.10 pm the anesthesiologist came in for an epidural. They poked in & were yet to start the medicine. Our little champ couldn’t wait, he had crowned and his heartbeat started to drop. Within seconds we were surrounded by nurses and midwives shouting & yelling at me to push the baby out. And they denied starting the epidural at this moment.

I can never forget those 15mins of my life. I had an epidural for my first one and did not really feel anything during pushing. This time, I could feel every single muscle of my body working hard to get the baby out & I was exhausted & about to give up while I heard the loud crying noise of my baby. Yup, my baby boy was born at 5.26 pm & I did pass out mentally for a few minutes there. It was all too quick to realize anything. I just cannot forget the nurse’s face who was standing right next to me and shouting to push. Having no idea what was going on and to date cannot believe the entire story myself.

I had heard stories of second pregnancies and how quick the labor would be but never thought mine would be this quick. We were back home the same day after 2 hours of giving birth. This experience made me realize how incredible my body is and what its capable of doing. If you are expecting and worried about labor & delivery, head over to some positive birth stories that will help you build your confidence.

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