Ashwini Prasad talks about her son (Advik’s) Birth Story!

Ashwini – A wife, a first-time mom & an IT professional shares her quick labor and an emergency C-section experience.

It was 4:15 am on Thursday 13th December 2018, it was 39th week of my pregnancy and got up for a usual trip to the washroom. After coming back to bed felt a little vibration in my tummy, it was new and my first time so wasn’t sure whether those were contractions. Tried to lie down but I could feel them every 5 mins, I woke my husband up and we started timing and it was almost every 10 mins for few seconds so we were sure it’s contractions. Tried to get a hot water bath before the pain kicked in and by 6:30, the contractions were in 5-1-1 and the pin aggravated. My husband said we should head to the hospital but I didn’t want to, thinking they might send me back if I’m not fully dilated as I had heard my friends stories, but my hubby insisted seeing me in pain. So we reached the hospital by 6:50 am and the doctor saw me by 7 am and said I’m 7 cms dilated. I was so happy hearing this and got to know I’ll see my bundle of joy soon. By this time I had a little bleeding too. And by 7:30 I was 9 cms dilated. The nurse who was checking me panicked as I had to be transferred to the birth suite asap but she wanted to check my sugar levels as I was gestational diabetic and had forgotten my sugar meter at home. With that pain, the nurse was trying to draw blood from my hands but I wasn’t steady. You know how the pain will be when you are fully dilated!

Next min I’m transferred to the birthing suite where the nurse gives me clear instructions on what to do and not to push and wait for the doctor. Everything seemed fine and I was 10 cms dilated by 8 am. The nurse said she would break my waters now and not to push until the doctor comes and asks if I want to take epidural. I was in pain and thought if I have to push my baby I would need some strength so let me go for epidural. So took the epidural by 8:15 am and the nurse broke my waters. After epidural things were good as I was not feeling any pain. Suddenly the nurse started to panic and called the doctor, My doctor came to the room examined me and shouted “we need to do an emergency c section” we were all in shock, the nurse asked me not to push and said things are going well and now suddenly doctor says emergency c section, my husband and mom panicked, my mom started crying, hubby shocked, but I was mentally prepared for everything and there I was like a curious bee wanted to know why!!

Suddenly a team of doctors come and start talking about cord prolapse, all thanks to my prenatal classes I got to know the situation. When the nurse broke my water the cord came out along with the water force. The doctors had to use their hand to push the baby’s head inside so that the baby could still breathe. I was shifted to OT with a doctor sitting holding the baby’s head on my stretcher. A team of 10 doctors and nurses surrounded me in the OT and emergency c section was done in 8 minutes. All I heard the doctors say was you will go to sleep now and that’s it. This type of cord prolapse cases need to be treated in 12 mins or it will cause problems to the child, kudos to the doctor of credit valley to take the decision and get it done in 8 mins and my little one was born at 8:54 am with an APGAR score of 9. But unlucky me I could only hold the baby at 9:30am when I regained consciousness.

Things happen for good and I was just relieved that decisions were taken on time!! The doctor who delivered my baby visited me after I was shifted to the room and said: “ You have undergone both types of labor, vaginal as you dilated 10 cms and had an emergency c section, but you were lucky not to have a home birth as this situation would have been difficult to handle in case of home birth”. Both the statements were so true!!! Felt blessed that day!!! My labor was almost 4 and a half hours from 4:15am to 8:54 am which is very good for a first pregnancy and would like to say that the prenatal yoga and walking is what helped me at the end!! This is a message to all of you, it’s just a myth to say that first pregnancy labour is the longest and will take more number of hours, practice prenatal yoga, good diet and walking, you will see the results in the labor.

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