Apr 3, 2019, it was my last appointment with the Diabetes Management center. Since Jan 30, 2019, I was put on insulin after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was a pain managing 4 shots of insulin every day along with maintaining a strict & healthy diet. I wanted it all to be over as soon as possible.

On my last appointment, my endocrinologist asked me to continue what I am doing for the next 3 weeks as the baby was due on Apr 28. I had my 37-week scan scheduled on Apr 6 to check the baby’s growth. Following Tuesday, Apr 9th was my OBGYN appointment. It was a much-awaited appointment as the doctor was going to tell us if she was going to induce me before the due date depending on the baby’s growth scan results. We were very happy to hear from OB that she was not going to induce as my reports are perfect. She said the baby is head down & I can expect to give birth anytime in the next 2 weeks.

I was excited to know that there will be no intervention and hoping for everything to go smoothly we returned home and I started to pack my hospital bag. Mom & I decided to go shopping at square one on Apr 10th as Apr 11th was my wedding anniversary. I wanted to shop for something for my husband & surprise him. We walked a lot that day, almost 3 miles and I had a small glass of much craved Mango slush that day (I hadn’t had mango the entire pregnancy coz of GD). Tired & I slept early by around 10 pm.

The Labor/ Birth

It was 1 am and I was feeling something different in my tummy. I had the urge to go to the washroom every 15 mins. I woke my husband, Ravi to tell him something was wrong. He asked me to drink water and sleep thinking it’s just a bad stomach. My pain gradually increased and I was running to the washroom every now and then. At around 3 am, I saw pink mucus kinda thing. We called the LAU (Labor Assessment Unit) to check as the contractions continued, though my husband was still not convinced.

They asked to wait for 511 contractions and when the pain is unbearable I can go to the hospital. By 6.30 am, the contractions were every 5 mins apart and I was unable to sit or sleep on my bed. Bouncing on a birthing ball, I let my husband massage my back when there was a contraction. I was able to manage the pain till 9.30 am after which it was getting stronger and I was not able to stand or walk. I asked my husband to take me to the hospital.

At this point, he was still thinking it’s false pain and we might have to come back home. We reached the hospital at 10 and had to wait for them to assess. By the time they checked my dilation it was 11.30 am. The nurse said I’m already 6 cm dilated and needs to be admitted immediately. At this point the pain was unbearable and I decided to take epidural. But to my luck, the anesthesiologist was busy till 12.30.

All this while I was on a birthing ball at the hospital trying to manage contractions and my water broke on the ball. I got my epidural at 12.45 and I could rest for a while. My OB came at 2 pm to check my dilation and I saw a big smile on her face when she said “I see her head already. You are ready to push”. Ravi & I were looking at each other thinking this is it (we didn’t expect it would be this smooth). I started pushing at 2.15 pm and with around 10 pushes, my darling daughter was out at 2.51 pm.

Within seconds she was on my chest and she grabbed my fingers. That second was worth all the pain I went through my pregnancy. We saw each other and said “Happy Anniversary. Best gift ever!!”.

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