breast milk popsicles for teething; breast milk popsicles teething; breast milk for teething; how to make breast milk popsicles

Breast Milk Popsicles For Teething – The best homemade remedy!

Ever thought of using breast milk for teething as a remedy? Breast milk popsicles for teething are healthy, natural with no added sugar and are proven to be great for relieving teething pain in babies.

Teething causes a lot of discomfort for babies. Though it is likely for the first tooth to appear between 6 and 12 months, it may appear as early as 4 months or as late as 14 months. But you can see the discomfort way early! My daughter got her first tooth at 14 months yet she had teething discomfort since she was 7 months.

Teething can be very painful for some babies. And studies show that sensitivity can keep babies up at night. Some paediatricians do recommend using Tylenol if it’s too painful for babies.

breast milk popsicles for teething; breast milk popsicles teething; breast milk for teething; how to make breast milk popsicles

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Can breast milk help teething?

Babies tend to chew on everything when they start teething. Breast milk is known to have analgesic properties that help relieve teething pain for babies. Momsicle or breast milk popsicles is a lactation consultant recommended frozen milk pops which are known to be a great home remedy for teething babies.

How to make breast milk popsicles?

All you need to make these breast milk popsicles are

Here is how to make the popsicles:

  • Pump the breast milk into the bottle. You can use a breast pump or a Haakaa to help you express the breast milk.
  • Make sure to use freshly pumped breast milk as it is not recommended to re-freeze the thawed breast milk.
  • Carefully pour in the breast milk into popsicle mold and freeze for a few hours.
  • You can even freeze the milk in an ice tray if you do not have mold. And use the mesh or the silicone fruit feeder to feed the babies.
breast milk popsicles for teething; breast milk popsicles teething; breast milk for teething; how to make breast milk popsicles

FAQs on Breast milk popsicles for teething

Can babies eat breast milk popsicles for teething?

I too had this question in my mind when I came across the breast milk popsicle shared by another mom. The answer is yes, absolutely! And the reason being cold helps numb the pain and the research says when a baby chews on cold items, the chewing pressure helps relieve the localized pain.

What age can my baby have breast milk popsicles?

Almost by 3-4 months when baby can hold the popsicle using their pincer grip or grasp the fruit feeder. Since the breast milk popsicle contains only breast milk in frozen form, it is totally ok to give baby by 4 months when they have teething discomfort. Unless otherwise advised by the doctor to avoid anything cold.

Can you refreeze breast milk for popsicles?

Breast milk cannot be refrozen once thawed or previously frozen. It is recommended to consume the thawed breast milk within 2-4 hours at room temperature to avoid any kinds of bacterial growth in it.

Can I make Formula ice lollies?

While that sounds nice, it is not recommended! Formula when frozen loses its nutrition and there is a high probability of bacterial growth. Check out all the reasons why it is not recommended to freeze formula.

Can I use frozen breast milk after 6 months?

Yes. While CDC does say it is acceptable to consume frozen milk for up to 12 months, they recommend it is best to consume it within 6 months. Check out the detailed guidelines for breast milk storage.

Does frozen breast milk really go bad?

Frozen breast milk is best consumed within 6 months of storage as they lose nutrition. And the research also says frozen breast milk has a big impact on how they taste and smell. If frozen longer, the level of lipase increases in the milk making it soapier and sour smell which makes it unconsumable for babies. While the liquid gold can expire and go bad, you can still use them. Yes, that’s right – here are simple ways you can use expired breast milk.

breast milk popsicles for teething; breast milk popsicles teething; breast milk for teething; how to make breast milk popsicles

What else helps baby teeth pain?

Teething is hard! I would do anything to get my baby comfortable while teething. And here are a few things that really helped me apart from breast milk popsicles.

  1. A cold cloth massage on baby’s gums – Massaging baby’s gums is a great way to ease teething pain in babies. Try to freeze a wet cloth and massage the gums with it to help.
  2. Teethers – You get these great teethers on amazon that helps teething baby to chew on them. My daughter always liked it cold so I refrigerated it before giving it to her.
  3. Teething mittens – These teething mittens have been a moms choice which helps babies during teething.
  4. Breast milk ice cubes in a mesh feeder – These are simple hack for the breast milk popsicles when you do not have the mold. You can use ice tray to freeze the breast milk and use the mesh fruit feeder to let the baby chew on.
  5. Teething toys – They are colourful, with textures that helps babies chew on them to ease teething pain.

For babies 6 months+ if you have introduced solids to the baby, you can use the variations of breast milk popsicles and other options to help with teething.

  1. Frozen fruit purees – frozen fruit or fruit puree in a fruit feeder is a wonderful way to ease teething.
  2. Variation of breast milk popsicle – If you have seen above how to make breast milk popsicles, you can try variations of them by adding fruits n vegetable purees into it to make a variation.
  3. Water in a bottle upside down – Freezing a water filled bottle upside down is a great idea which lets baby chew on the frozen bottle nipples.
  4. Frozen yoghurt – Another great way to ease teething is to do a frozen yoghurt and a variation of frozen yoghurt with fruits in it. You can use a fruit feeder or a popsicle mold to freeze them.
  5. Teething biscuits – An easy 3-ingredient teething biscuit is a good option for teething as baby can chew on them. These are great for travel as well as you can store them for up to a week.
  6. Breast milk slush – You can half freeze the breast milk for teething and use a spoon to make it a slush or add in some frozen fruit with breast milk ice pops and use a hand blender to make a slush out of it which babies can enjoy.

Final Thoughts on Breast milk popsicles for teething

Breast milk popsicles have been a saviour for both my kids while they were teething. And when you have introduced solids to the baby, you have endless options to try and make the baby like it. Hope the above ways help you with teething! Do share it across – Sharing is caring!

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