Marlene Milanes talks about her Labor!

Marlene – A wife, a mom of two kids, a full time working mom and a mom blogger shares her quick labor experience.

My first baby, I went into labor but I didn’t know I was having contractions. I was young and being a first-time mom, everyone keeps saying “You’ll know” when it’s time and the contractions are there. Well, apparently my contractions felt like I just had to pee really really bad every time it came. Lol, I have a high tolerance for pain but I really thought I just need to pee badly! Lol I was walking around all day with this feeling coming and going and finally, at night when it was getting closer to bedtime I just felt it coming closer together and that’s when I thought “ok this is consistent and it’s getting closer together, maybe this is my contractions?” So I asked my mom and she said usually it’s a pain in your stomach. I asked my sister the same and she says the same thing. Then when I explained to them how I felt and they were looking at me like “huh?” Lol but they’re thinking it’s my contractions. My sister then told me to “try and sleep and rest. If you can’t sleep then that’s for sure contractions and you need to really time them or get to the hospital.” So I did try to sleep.

I was in and out of sleep but then I woke up around a little after midnight and for sure I couldn’t sleep anymore so I’m thinking these are real contractions! Ok, let’s get my bag ready, as I walked up the stairs I feel leaking coming out onto my underwear. Now I’m like “greeeaattt. I think my water is leaking.” I just felt drops coming out little by little. After walking around getting things ready, it’s about 2 am now and I tell my boyfriend at that time that it’s time to go to the hospital. We get to the hospital about 20 mins later and I didn’t know where I was going or what to do. My boyfriend drove us to the ER entrance instead! Lol So we went through there and they took me in and as I was strolling in the wheelchair I’m trying to fill out paperwork cause I didn’t know I had to register ahead of time! Goodness!

So here I am in a wheelchair and the nurse is strolling me to the woman centre and I’m having contractions and breathing while filling out paperwork lol luckily I did everything fast. I get to the women centre and the nurse admitted me and have me change my clothes. She did all she did and measured me and asked if this was my first baby. I told her “yes.” And she said to me “wow cause you’re already at 8 cm! Baby is coming quick!” Haha, we all laughed and then she went in and popped my water completely since I told her I’m just leaking. Once I got to my room where I would be delivering it’s about 3am now. They measured me again and I was already at 9cm. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural and I opted out of it and told her no for now. Then I was at 9 1/2cm Not long after that. Then at 4:38am I had my first baby boy! It didn’t take me long to push. Right when the doctor got there I was already 10cm and ready to push. My firstborn was born on March 31st 2007! 6lbs 3oz.

Everything just felt like it went by so fast. Couldn’t really take everything in to take in that moment of going into labor and delivery. It was fast labor and delivery.

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