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Surviving First Trimester Pregnancy when you have older kids | Here are 5 ways

Before I start writing about the essentials that are a must for survival during the first trimester pregnancy with a kid, I have some confessions to make. I truly believe that every pregnancy is different and everyone handles it differently. There is not much we can actually do during the initial days other than just sit tight and think about the arrival of the bundle of joy.

Well, this is not my first time and I can clearly point out the difference between my first and second pregnancy. My first pregnancy was a smooth ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would rather say, I had time to enjoy & get pampered by everyone around. With my second pregnancy, though I had help from the entire family during the first trimester – It was tough mostly because I had to manage my first kid. And mainly running behind a toddler & the pregnancy blues that were killing me. Along the way, I did learn ways to cope and manage it all by myself with no help.

Here are First Trimester Pregnancy tips that helped:

1. Sleep when your toddler is sleeping.

It is easier said than done. Believe me, I have never followed this rule. Baby’s nap time used to be my time to Netflix, stalk social media or chat with friends & family. And sometimes, I would even complete some of the household chores or cook. Well, I realized the importance of this advice only when the fatigue, morning sickness, headache and all the muscle soreness kicked in during my first trimester pregnancy the second time. I learned it the hard way. So here’s the tip – try to crawl into the bed along with your kid(s) when they are napping. Believe me, you will thank yourself for following this.

2. Eat when you can & what you can

Luckily, my morning sickness wasn’t too bad. It just made me nauseated in the mornings and I hardly actually puked very rarely. And mostly the first-trimester pregnancy is when you do not feel like eating everything and you have some food aversions and cravings. Breastfeeding my kid during my first trimester made me more nauseated with all the hormonal gush. Most of the time, I never got to eat peacefully when my kid was around which made me frustrated and more hungry. I started munching on whatever I could and whenever I could to keep my sanity. Believe me, there are days where I have had my meal or things I craved in the middle of the night.

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3. Do not try to do everything – Ask for help.

Please DO NOT. I am the kind of person who cannot sleep if something is undone. But with my second pregnancy & a toddler, I learned to ask for help. Doing everything and making yourself exhausted does not help in any way. Instead, it makes you stressed and sick. Ask for help – order food if you cannot cook on days, ask for help with household chores, let things be undone. The first-trimester pregnancy not only makes you sick and tired, but also has a great impact on your mood swings. All your body need is rest. Read more about tips on how to juggle a toddler & a pregnancy.

4. Let the household chores go for a toss.

Yes, mama. It is totally ok to just give yourself some break from household chores. Do not bother if the house is a mess. It is just for a couple of months until you are through your first trimester & soon you can get back to your routine. Your body is going through a lot to make room for a new baby while your older kid is trying their best to exhaust you, help yourself by giving yourself some rest. Read about my tips on how to enjoy & relax during your pregnancy.

5. Let the kid(s) do what they want.

I probably hated this, I’m a mom who is against screen time. During my first trimester, I let my toddler watch tv on a few days to distract her avoiding tantrums and get some time to rest while she is glued to the tv. It is ok mama, this will not be permanent. It is just a phase and for a couple of weeks till your sickness is normal. The moment I was ok, we started our activities as usual and reduced screen time. So relax and use it as a distraction to survive your first trimester.

I hope you take some of my tips seriously especially on those bad days to help you find some peace. Very soon this phase will be over and you will be able to survive the first trimester. And will feel accomplished surviving first trimester especially with kids! Believe me, I am not kidding!

Good Luck Mama! May the peace be with you ✌😊

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